For landlords

Technical conditions for the premises
• location in settlements and on some distance of them, in industrial zones close to busy roads (with high traffic), etc.
• an easy access to the premises and clean driveways
• parking space for at least 30-40 cars at the same time (not less)
• a possibility of unhindered work of kitchen hoods from 9:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.
• commercial area from 750 to 1200 m2
• location of the first floor
• an exhibition floor doesn’t consist of small constructions
• 2 entrances: central (for customers) and loading one with a possibility of exit of heavy trucks for unloading (trucks sized 12-14 meters)
• Ceiling height sufficient for work (from 3,5 meters and higher)
• Smooth floors, at one level, dustless, washable and resistant to loads (the material: marble crumb /concrete floors/ polymer-coated screeds, tile) in all rooms, guarantee on floor.
• Presence of rooms for the staff or an ability to install them
• An ability to place a fridge on an exhibition floor with illumination and maintained temperature from 0 to 4 degrees
• Pallet racks (cargo racks) for placing goods in the trading hall (total length 70 – 100 meters)
• Walls, ceiling and columns inside are painted with light paint (in light colours)
• The roof doesn’t provide atmospheric precipitation
• Presence of necessary communications (water (cold and hot), sewage)
• Availability of heating (temperature in winter not lower than + 18 degrees)
• Temperature in premises in summer not higher than +24 degrees
• Electricity supply not less than 40 kilowatts
• Lighting with fluorescent lamps, room lighting not less than 350 lux
• Compliance of the premises with fire safety requirements, availability of a fire alarm (presence of a certificate of the specialized organization), etc.
• Presence of a gate in the reception area
• Ability to have a telephone and Internet at the workplace
• Presence of documents required for state registration of the rent (certificate of ownership, cadastral passport for the area, corresponding to the rental area, etc.)

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